Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In typical Fairmount tradition we crammed the FG Trashie award crafting between an 18 hour recording session and the CEA awards later this this week. all the FG's were in attendance and did their part in the award building. First thing Randy did was "gut" his doll and insert a bunch of batteries . said he "wanted the doll to corrode from the inside out" . but then his better judgement took over and he decided it could cause a freak fire and the batteries would be cumbersome in her cavity . so plan B for the "Ga Ga" award. David Garza stopped by and proceded to burn the eyes out of his "Hot mess" award . but she ended up looking way cooler and almost "blade runner-esque" . Melissa and I both did our usuals . I always handle the "jackie Ono" and Melissa does the "get lucky girl" but , we both had to tackle new ones cause Beth always did the "queen for a day" and "best hair" . they look pretty fab considering our artistically challenged ways.[Melissa got a D in art] .
The boys picked up the slack for sure . Steve did an excellent job on the vest and beard of "dapper dandy" and Pat does a new box design every year .
Stay tuned for our report on the red carpet . Lots of fun and surprise guest performances this year . I heard rumor that Uncle 1000 may perform and I am too excited for words !!
the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards are Sunday Nov. 22 . Red Carpet at 6pm. show at 7pm.
This year they are at the Madison Theatre in Covington, KY . The after party is at the Mad Hatter, where we'll be presenting the Fairmount Girls Fashion Trashies 2009 !! So, Dress Up, Be festive, celebrate the scene , don't be a hater and support your local music !!!!
the FG 's

FG Trashie award box design

Every year a different look by Patrice Hennessy . collect them All !!

Ga Ga

this is a new category this year . she's out there. she's fucked up . she's so Ga Ga that we gutted her.

Dapper Dandy

's a

the coolest dressed dude of the night !! this year's award is holding a mystery pair of panties . he ain't no kiss and tell .

Hot Mess

So freaky she burnt out her eyes in tribute to Bladerunner

Jackie Ono

This girl is a fashion icon of avant garde style

Get Lucky Girl

The winner of this award is getting some action tonight !!
check out the Bug on her head !!!

Should Have Stayed Home

The Winner of this award put zero effort into his/her award show attire and must be punished with this upsidedown headed girl.

Tits Out

Best Cleavage !!! Inspired by Dolly

Queen for a Day

Queen for a Day describes the girl with a polished put-to-gether ensemble . over-the-top Festive and every woman wants to be her or be with her.

Rock Hair

Monday, November 24, 2008

And the Winners ARE.......!!

Fairmount Girls present the 6th annual Fg Fashion Trashies !
Jackie Ono !

Best Rock Hair !

WTF ? Should have stayed home ?

Get Lucky Girl !

Hot Freak !!

Best Couple !

Hot Mess !

Tea with Grandma !
Dapper Dandy !

Tits OUT !

Queen For a Day !!